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This domain name is currently in use for the Secure Login Panel for Data services that the owner of the domain name operates.

Until recently, the domain name public DNS for was parked partially, and
separately used internally on a private-horizon and internally numbered network DNS for various sensors, switches or other
devices to collect IoT sensor data and geospacial information as part of a research and development effort.

In order to ensure that the lab networks and IoT systems are not leaking critical data onto the internet,
or the naming conventions used create any conflict with current or future domain names, the solution was to
register and use domain names in this manner.

Due to the high amount of interest and volume of inquiries about purchasing, it has been
listed on various Multiple Listing Services ("MLS") for domain names to where it can be purchased from most
registrars at an amount that was pragmatically set by the owners to be one which would convince them to
consider moving to use of another domain name.

While awaiting that, the name shall remain in use by the owners,
and should be considered otherwise occupied/reserved for their future use.

Want this name? The owners get a lot of requests - to the point it was annoying and disruptive enough to their work.
As result they have some links here which may allow for offers to be made.
They will need to calculate availability
and moving costs, escrow process, etc upon being contacted.
If there is a desire to talk the registrants into parting with the name and their moving to a different
domain name for their R&D work, you can enter into such dialog via these companies: